Adolescents and Young Adults

Older children and adolescents can struggle due to the environments they move through and the unique challenges they face. This is due to parental influence, role models, emerging or developing sexuality, increases in risk taking, and the high prevalence of mental health problems. In fact by the age of 18 half of all people diagnosed with a mental disorder will have already experienced the early stages of these illnesses. Most common mental health problems include depression, anxieties, eating disorders, often co-occurring with substance use problems. 

Young adults are laying down the foundations for life which can include transitioning to the workforce or continuing further study. Sometimes there are challenges which can temporarily prevent these life stages and I work collaboratively to help you make those next steps. 

Every person’s situation is unique including their freedom and responsibilities, quality time with caregivers & partners, relationships with peers, socio-economic status and more. 

My role as a counsellor is to help clients with whatever challenges they may have including improving life more broadly in the absence of specific problems.