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Mental Health & Suicide Intervention Skills

At MHIST we provide a range of training courses to help you to help others as part of our mission to raise awareness and skill levels for helpers in the community. We facilitate our courses in a respectful way ensuring that every participant feels heard and walks away feeling inspired and motivated to make personal and professional change in their lives. The focus of our courses is people – how they respond, feel, fall and get back up again.

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Grounded Counselling Evidence based therapies

Are you stuck?
Grounded Counselling refers to the strong desire to provide evidence based counselling. Therapies grounded in research and evidence ensure efficacy – with a person centered (you) approach can reduce stress and distress.
You know you need to change but you’re just can’t get to the next step. I can work with you to help identify your goals and help you make the next steps to a more content life.
Happiness? That may be a byproduct.

Speaking Engagements

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Dave Segal
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I am an experienced facilitator who can deliver training in communication skills, mental health and suicide intervention. Do you need an engaging speaker for your next conference? I can speak about wellbeing, frameworks for helping, mental health, boundaries and more. I provide coaching services to motivated individuals who are looking to make the next big leap.